• When you buy a Honda outboard motor you buy something that is more than the sum of it's parts. That's because every Honda product is designed and engineered to be the leader in it's field. Put simply, Honda is passionate about improving on perfection and creating the benchmark that others try to emulate. That's why every Honda product is built to be the best and to deliver optimum performance, reliability and economy. Honda's advanced engineering delivers the world's best engines year after year.
  • Honda 2.3
    Throw away your two stroke oil, forget about pre mixing fuel, forget about trying to start that cranky two stroke and say hello to the 2.3hp 4 stroke portable outboard from Honda. Just put in the petrol, pull the cord and off you go. You can store this motor below decks for months at a time and not have to worry about fuel evaporating from the carburettor leaving only two stroke oil. The 2.3hp is also air cooled, so no flushing is required. The 2.3hp portable is the perfect auxillary motor.
  • Honda 5
    Forget about noisy, smokey, unreliable auxiliaries.The Honda 5hp outboard is quiet, reliable and fuel efficient. It's a Honda, so you know it's kind to the environment!

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